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Carter Hargrave On Real Self Defense From Young To Old

What good is a martial art if it doesn’t follow you well into old age. What good is a martial art that you cant use unless you spend time stretching out your legs before you can kick or punch without tearing muscles and injuring joints from kicking high and losts of spinning maneuvers. You need some real karate made for real people. The old way. The way it was designed to be hundreds of years ago before it was changed for tournaments.

A good art is one that you can use right then. Bad guy in your face, SMACK TIME. That is the way the martial arts were first designed to be utilized. It wasnt until the mid 1950’s that things changed all over in favor of flash and light contact point sparring.

First sparring has absolutely nothing in common or to do with a fight. They are not related. A fight looks nothing like sparring. The only thing sparring is good for is getting in shape, and it forces you to think on your feet while someone is trying to hit at you. So the stress that may or may not bring on will allow you to get some mental conditioning. But a figtht it is not.

You dont have to be in great shape to do real self defense, and somewhere someone must have said to somebody that martial arts were for kids and kids programs. Sorry I dont know where that one came from as most of my students are adults. The parents coming here have to ask what they want their kids to learn. Real nasty stuff for when the pervert tries to snatch them, or fun and games at the day care karate center.

I dont do the day care thing at my school in Tulsa, Hargrave Martial Arts. I teach moves that will stay with kids until adulthood where they can still recall things to save themselves or someone they care about.

When you get older self defense becomes much more serious. Not only are the attacks more violent, they are usually meant to seriously harm or kill you, for a more nefarious reason such as take your possessions or just random crazy. You can’t predict random crazy. For those instances you don’t want to mess around sparring or rolling around. You must be able to take them out in fifteen seconds or less. Much longer and you’re in trouble as the percentage chance of your being seriously hurt start escalating exponentially.

Like I said real karate for real people. Check out Tulsa Martial Arts. Someday your life may depend on it.

Carter Hargrave

Author: Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave is a teacher, author, contributor located in Tulsa Oklahoma. He teaches Martial Arts specializing in self defense with American Combat Kenpo and Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do at Hargrave Martial Arts. He is the author of the international best seller "the Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual" on the art Of Bruce Lee. Find us on Google+

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