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Carter Hargrave On Business And Dealing With Customer Satisfaction With Service Complaints Or Even Fraud And Lawsuits

Being in the martial arts, and being a teacher I guess I have been lucky that I have had so few negative experiences with customers and students. Now that’s not to say I haven’t had some issues. First being a private school potential students must apply to take lessons. After reading their application and doing a background check they are either let in or rejected. People don’t take rejection lightly these days. I have had those who were sent rejections lash out with online complaints of how bad a teacher I am without having even met me, to outright lies. We don’t send rejections anymore. Silence is sometimes the best policy there.

When people are completely satisfied by a product or service they have received they usually resign themselves to a mental state of complacence. They will almost never talk about the satisfaction they have,with a business, unless someone brings up the topic or is looking for feedback on it.

On the flip side of  the coin if a person feels like they have been wronged (whether fairly or not) part of the coping mechanism we humans have is to outwardly express our views on the matter. Anger and negative emotions are very strong ‘right now’ motivators. Especially for those who feel they’ve been Slighted.

This is why it is not uncommon for a business to find they have negative online reviews if they have not been keeping up with things. Today that is why businesses must actively encourage their customers to post a review on Google Places, or Yelp, or wherever.

We know, if only subconsciously, that all the clients who have had a good experience with a business need a little motivation to spread the good word about their positive experience.  While the minority with the bad experiences have all the internal anger motivation to yell about it high on the mountain, even to strangers who otherwise couldn’t care less.

Then there is the final straw of a lawsuit which can for the most part be avoided because the person just wants to be heard and acknowledged, unless of course it’s just for the possible money payout.

In the end its the experience that pays off for both parties. Mutual respect is the key.

Carter Hargrave

Author: Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave is a teacher, author, contributor located in Tulsa Oklahoma. He teaches Martial Arts specializing in self defense with American Combat Kenpo and Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do at Hargrave Martial Arts. He is the author of the international best seller "the Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual" on the art Of Bruce Lee. Find us on Google+

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