Carter Hargrave Author and Director of Hargrave Martial Arts

Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave is all about martial arts. He is the grandmaster and founder of a type of American martial arts called American combat kempo or combat martial arts. He is also the head instructor and president of the World Jeet Kune Do foundation and the World Kempo Association. His organization is responsible for the spread through teachings of self defense curriculum and martial arts to agencies in general and individuals in particular. Carter Hargraves does contracts for special onsite events, international seminars and teaches in his special school. He has formulated a different approach to martial arts and combat training by focusing on the psychological aspects of martial arts and conflict resolution as opposed to just concentrating on the physical aspects of the same.

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All this, Carter Hargrave does through his myriad of companies which include:

* Hargrave martial arts systems
* Hargrave arts LLC
* Hargrave media
* Combat martial arts press
* World Jeet Kune Do Federation
* World Kempo Association.

He also boasts of several publications which have received a considerable attention worldwide. He has sold them in their thousands. He received his first martial arts training from Hanshi Lou Angel at the age of seven. He authored the first Jeet Kune Do manual which was internationally acclaimed. In 1992, he became a certified Jeet Kune Do instructor of the Jeet Kune Do Association. In 1993, he was certified as a professional black belt Tae Kwon Do and later still certified as a black belt Aiki Jitsu. Later on, he was awarded with the prestigious karate instructor of the year and inducted in to the martial arts hall of fame. In 1995, Carter Hargrave was appointed Executive Director World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a board member and as the director of the North American Kung Fu Federation.
His martial arts school was awarded the best martial art school in the U.S and acknowledged as such by congress and senate in 1996. Currently he is the 8th Dan Grandmaster Ju Jitsu. His organizations are non partisan and non divisive. They stand for the spread of teachings and knowledge and also peace and harmony.

Carter Hargrave is the founder and Grandmaster of the martial art style of American Combat Kempo AKA Combat Martial Arts

President and Head Instructor of the World Jeet Kune Do Federation

President and Head Instructor of the World Kempo Association

Hargrave teaches Martial Arts and self defense programs to select individuals and agencies through his private school, international seminars,  and contracted specialized on site events. Where most teachers form their teaching around only the physical aspects of training, Hargrave feels this is only a small part, as he delves more deeply into the psychological areas of human nature and conflict resolution.

The information is disseminated through his companies World Jeet Kune Do Federation, World Kempo Association, Hargrave Martial Arts Systems, Hargrave Arts LLC, Combat Martial Arts Press, and Hargrave Media.

Carter Hargrave’s publications have sold more than one hundred thousand copies world wide.

  • •First Martial Art training at age 7 in Goju from Hanshi Lou Angel.

  • •Authored Original Jeet Kune Do Manual - International best seller.

  • •Certified JKD Instructor 1992, Jeet Kune Do Association.

  • •Authored Japanese Kempo Karate Manual 1993.

  • •Soke / Founder American Combat Kempo Karate.

  • •Instructor of the Year JKD, Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

  • •Certified JKD Instructor FJKD Association.

  • •Certified Black Belt Tae Kwon Do 1993.

  • •Certified Black Belt Bushido Kempo.

  • •Certified Black Belt Aiki Jitsu, Promoted Dr. Farenell.

  • •Certified National College of Martial Arts, Instructor JKD, Black Belt Bushido Kempo, Black Belt Aiki Jitsu, Certified Lou Angel.

  • •Executive Director World Jeet Kune Do Federation.

  • •Instructor Headmaster Juko Kai Kokusai Remnei.

  • •Certified 3rd Dan Black Belt Goshin Jutsu.

  • •Awarded Karate Instructor of the Year, Inducted Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

  • •Certified Shihan 5th Dan Kempo World Certified Instructor, Promoted by Dr. E. A Moore, Prof. Thomas Burdine, Prof. John Willaims, Prof. Ed Gross, Prof. Ray Gunther, Prof. John Pelligrini.

  • •Certified Professor of Martial Arts, 1995.

  • •Appointed Executive Director World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board Member 1995.

  • •Appointed Director United Kung Fu Federation of North America 1995.

  • •Awarded best martial art school in the U. S. Recognized by U. S Congress and U.S. Senate 1996.

  • •Authored Japanese Kempo Karate Entrance to Secrets Manual.

  • •10th Dan Grandmaster Kempo Karate.

  • •8th Dan Grandmaster Ju Jitsu.

  • •8th Dan Grandmaster Kung Fu.